Make an Impact. Create Abundance.

Your calling and your life’s work is to help people...

But you are tired, burnt out, underpaid, exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, not sure what to do next, or worse – ready to throw in the towel on the work you desire to do.

If this is you, you’re in the right place!

Most helpers/providers have been told that they can’t be abundant and help people.

You might’ve heard getting paid to help others is somehow wrong.

Or you’ve been led to believe that sales is hard or “icky” and that marketing is complicated and unnecessary.

That simply wanting to help others is enough, and wanting more is wrong. Abundance doesn’t matter and that self-sacrifice is the only way to go.

When in fact, none of this is true.
How to do marketing and sales

IN ORDER TO CREATE THE Impact You desire and support the people you are called to support…

YOU have to be in a position of being supported and empowered.

That’s where I come in. My life’s work is to support and empower those who support and empower others.

Because when you are able to do your thing from an empowered place, it creates a ripple effect – touching your life, the lives of those you work with, their families, your family, your colleagues – really all of us.

And I am here for that.

How to tell if you are burnt out
About Cassie


I’ve always been a helper, and, as it often does with helpers, I quickly developed the skill of self-sacrifice – spending years operating from that place only to find myself burnt out, bitter and never wanting to help anyone again (but also still feeling called to do so).

It’s a real wild ride that almost every helper I’ve ever met has experienced.

So I did the work. And here’s what I now know...
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To truly help anyone, you have to be in a position of being empowered

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You can’t support anyone if you are drowning (or if doing so pulls you down)

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In order to make a difference for others, you have to be a priority.

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We all have a lot of limiting experiences, stories, and beliefs to overcome (and it’s ok).

“Cassie helped me see outside the box.”

“Total Game Changer. Cassie helped me see outside the box I was keeping myself stuck in and held me accountable to do what I needed to do to reach my goal.”

– Tobi S.

Client results
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Restructured their businesses to better align with their vision

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Created clear business protocols and boundaries

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Gained clarity on their niche and ideal clients

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Got comfortable with sales, marketing and networking

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Increased rates & income

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Expanded their practice / business

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Created better work/life balance

“You won’t be disappointed!”

“Where do I start? If you are motivated to make change, Coach Cassie is going to get you there. Wherever that is. Cassie worked with both myself and my business partner on personal growth and development as well as getting us to a place of being ready to start and grow our passion project company. She was able to coach and motivate both of us in a way that fit with our own individual needs and very different personalities. She challenged each of us and pushed way beyond our comfort zones. I recommend her to all of my friends and family. You won’t be disappointed.

– Patricia R. (& Tom H.)



Let’s work together to empower you, grow your business/practice and expand your impact!

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5 Money Mindset Mistakes to Avoid

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