Full Day Coaching Intensive WITH CASSIE GAUB

Ready to take your business and your life to the next level?

my mission is to empower you to

Claim your own power and foster the clarity, successes, dreams, and businesses you truly desire... all while making a deep impact in this world


The Full Day In-Person Coaching Intensive Program provides 1:1 coaching that empowers you to show up more fully in all aspects of your life, your business and your growth.
In just a few hours, your life and your business can feel better, be more focused, fun, impactful and more abundant.

Feel better, be more focused

Each intensive experience is unique to and focused on you!

The full-day intensive provides 1:1 coaching that creates a transformative journey that empowers you to show up fully as the person, provider, and business owner you aspire to be.

“I wish all clinicians could have someone like Cassie in their corner.”

“Working with Cassie helped me to transform not only my practice but also the way I view myself as a clinician and the way I understand the type of clinician I want to continue to be. She is encouraging, kind, and gently keeps her clients accountable so that goals can be met and real change can be felt. You won’t regret working with her — her services are an invaluable investment. I wish all clinicians could have someone like Cassie in their corner.”

– Elisabeth B.

Meet Cassie

I’m not your average or typical coach—I’m your dedicated partner in success.

As a heart-centered helper myself, I understand the unique journey you’re on and work to create a coaching experience where your compassionate spirit is not only embraced but celebrated.

Through our coaching, you create profound change in your life, your work and more– leading to a ripple effect that resonates deeply with the clients you aim to serve.

My coaching style is deeply rooted in the mind + body + spirit connection

My holistic approach honors every facet of your journey. A mix of unwavering support with guidance, fostering a space where accountability meets the courage to push past comfort zones. In our sessions, I often incorporate EFT Tapping, a powerful (and easy to use) tool that not only enhances clarity but opens doors to profound insights and transformative breakthroughs.

Together, embark on a journey that goes beyond conventional coaching, embracing a comprehensive approach to empower you to bridge the gap from where you are to where you authentically aspire to be. Claim your own power and foster the clarity, successes, dreams, and businesses you truly desire…all while making a deep impact in this world

Mind connection
Spirit connection
Body connection
Imagine in just a few hours...
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Increasing your rates by 20% or more by focusing on all aspects of rates, pricing + charging strategies, money mindset

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Developing a strategic plan for hiring support staff and scaling your business effectively.

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Creating a well-outlined strategy to achieve guilt-free time and freedom, allowing you to pick your kids up from school or enjoy leisure activities with friends.

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Formulating a detailed plan to transition from a side gig to focusing full-time on your passion.

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Inspiring others to show up big in their lives through the transformative impact of your own journey and accomplishments

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Implementing a structured approach to make each day a fulfilling expression of your unique talents

“The mix of compassion and no B.S. attitude that I needed.”

“I’ve worked with other coaches in the past, and found Cassie when I was ready to start to grow my business. I knew it was time to take the next steps and for whatever reason I couldn’t make it happen or even figure out where to start. Cassie was great! She helped me identify what I needed to do, worked with me on my fear while still motivating me to step out of my comfort zone – holding me totally accountable. She provided the mix of compassion and no B.S. attitude that I needed.”

– Tami W.

What you get

Feel better, be more focused, be more YOU

*Every effort is made to secure a space within 1 hour drive of your location. For locations outside of the continental US, please set up a clarity call before booking as pricing may increase.

EFT tapping coaching sessions

investment options

Empower 1:1 Intensive

Pay In Full

One Payment of
$4,995 (Save $225)

Payment Plan

Three Payments
of $1740

*Further payment plans available upon request

Client results
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Increased annual income by $13k in just 1 month!

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Added 4 new clients in 1 month

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Hired Assistant and increased income $675 per month by freeing up time to see clients

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Quit their full-time job and made the same $ working for herself

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Changed practice to see only the clients she is excited by seeing

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Created better work/life balance

“Now, I am so happy in my job and have started a program teaching at-risk youth art.”

“Cassie genuinely celebrates your growth and successes with you. I started working with her when I was feeling utterly stuck in life—I hated my job, wanted to do my own thing (even though I had no idea what that was) and was feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted. She totally got it. Working with Cassie helped me realize I didn’t actually want to leave my job, but I needed to cut back and add in something for myself that involved my passions—creating art and teaching. Now, I am so happy in my job and have started a program teaching at-risk youth art and I will soon be turning my program into a nonprofit. Without the guidance, support and clarity I got from working with Cassie, I might still be stuck where I was. She was the push I needed.”

– Karissa T.

My Coaching Promise

I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative potential and power coaching offers. In the event that after 14 days of the start of our work together you find coaching isn’t meeting your expectations, your full investment is refunded.


How do we “meet” for our intensive coaching sessions?

The pre-intensive strategy call as well as the two additional post intensive calls take place virtually via a secure meeting link.

The Full-Day Intensive offering is in-person where I come to you. Please note, every effort is made to secure a meeting space within a one hour drive of your location. In the event a location would be a farther distance, you will be informed as soon as possible.

How long does it take to see results from 1:1 coaching?

The timeframe for results varies depending on individual circumstances and goals. Some may see immediate shifts, while others experience more gradual changes over time. The great thing about 1:1 coaching and the coaching intensive program is it’s focused on you and the areas you desire to see growth in quickly!

What if I'm not exactly sure what my goals are but I am ready for a change? Could the 1:1 coaching intensive still be a fit?

Absolutely! Coaching is an ongoing process and part of our work together revolves around clarifying your goals, even if you're uncertain at the start. Having a full-day together can not only help you clarify the change you are seeking to create, it will help you outline next steps, address limiting mindsets and fears around taking next steps and more!

Is the 1:1 coaching intensive focused solely on business, or does it also address personal areas as well?

My approach to coaching is grounded in the mind + body + spirit connection and is designed to empower you to close the gap from where you are to where you truly desire to be in all areas of your life and business.

are we a good match?

Empower is for YOU if...

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You’re ready to go all in on yourself, your business and your growth and don’t want to waste any time getting started

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You’re ready to create an authentic, impactful and balanced business (and life!)

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You want specific, one on one + personalized support

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You want to double-down on yourself and your goals

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You want to increase your abundance so you continue to help others in an empowered way, say goodbye to overwhelm, overwork and burnout

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You want to feel comfortable and confident with the sales aspects of having a business & more

“I’m so very grateful to have Cassie on my team.”

“As a lifelong learner, therapy client, therapist and pursuer of my own growth and healing, working with Cassie (in a number of contexts) has been a thoroughly uplifting experience for me. Cassie really does have a completely inspiring energy about her. And I’m so very grateful to have Cassie on my team. So. Very. Grateful.”

– Melissa O.


Empower 1:1 Full-Day Intensive

Instead of continuing to be stressed out trying to do it all yourself and not getting the results you desire…

Step into a more empowered + exciting + authentic business (and life!)