Whether or not you are a carpenter or handy-man, it’s important to have a variety of tools in your toolbox. As a person and as a coach, I rely on various different tools, approaches and insights to be effective. Along with PSYCH-K® (which I’ll share more about in another post), EFT Tapping is one of my go-to tools that works for almost everyone and can be effective for a variety of different things…and did I mention I love love love EFT Tapping?

I first discovered tapping years ago when going through a major life interruption ( i.e. divorce + multiple knee surgeries + a move and all that goes along with those things). My therapist at the time is the first introduction I had to EFT Tapping.

And like most people who first see/experience tapping, I thought, “What in the Hell? You want me to do what? I look like an idiot. This can’t possibly be doing anything”.

Then I got over it and gave tapping a chance-mostly because my therapist insisted- only to discover it seemed to be doing something. At first, I only noticed a bit of calming. Then clarity, then results. I was “hooked” and learned as much as I could, worked with different EFT practitioners and I figured out how to incorporate EFT tapping into my coaching and saw great results in my clients as well.

So what gives?

EFT Tapping (which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique) essentially is a round of tapping on different meridian points in the body. It helps provide relief, relaxation, promotes healing and (my favorite) can help discover real clarity and insight. Tapping can be used by anyone. It can be used anywhere. I use it personally and in my coaching practice. There are also some therapists (like mine) who use EFT Tapping as part of their clinical practice.

Does EFT look a little silly?

Yes (but you’ll get over it). Check out the link to the video below where I share with you what a round of tapping looks like.

Is it effective?


Want to know more/try EFT tapping/ etc.?

1) Check out this video where I give a quick demo/explanation of how I use EFT Tapping. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_vG5vTUhVs&t=29s

2) I love EFT Tapping so much I am joining an amazing clinician, Melissa Lester-Olson, LCSW, as the Vice President of Tap Into Community, a non-profit alliance for EFT practitioners that carries the mission of sharing/teaching/educating/training people in all things EFT (as a clinical/therapeutic and self-help tool). Learn More about our in person and virtual trainings HERE.

3) Want to know more about EFT Tapping and current research? Click Here

4) Download EFT International’s Free EFT ‘how to get started’ manual here.



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