“Everybody should have a Coach” Eric Schmidt

“Everyone needs a coach. “Bill Gates

As soon as someone finds out what I do, this question (or some form of this question) is asked:   

“Why hire a coach?”

“What can a coach do for me?”

“What would I get out of coaching?”

 Or my favorite: 

“I already know what I ‘need’ to do, so why would I need a coach?”

When I get asked this question, I try to answer with an invitation. An invitation to consider the questions:

“Why not get support?”

“If you ‘already know what you need to do’, why aren’t you doing it?”

 “Do you have the results you are looking for?”

Coaching, at its core, is designed to help you see things that, for whatever reason, you aren’t able to see yourself. There is a saying – “you can’t see the forest through the trees”- which essentially means you can’t always see the things holding you back because you are too much in the middle of it all. 

As people, we are naturally and wonderfully flawed. We create personal beliefs and stories based on the people and culture around us as well as our own experiences and fears. When you truly believe something is “true” it’s not natural to question it, or if you do question it, you conjure up things to reinforce what you believe to be true (this is called confirmation bias). If one of your beliefs about things is not quite the full story and is keeping you stuck, no matter how much you ‘know’ you need to do, you aren’t going to budge.  

The clients I typically work with – mental health professionals and service-based providers (the healers, helpers and soul workers of the world) – often know what confirmation bias is…and many have helped their clients with this exact thing. But the thing about confirmation bias is, it’s hard to see when you are in the middle of it.  

That’s one of the things coaching helps with. I call it – Busting Your BS. (I even have a self-paced course that anyone can access/utilize to get the process started). 

In a nutshell, you get out of coaching what you put into it- like everything in life. But a few of the biggie answers to these questions are:

1)   Coaching helps you think outside of the box.

2)   Coaching helps you see beyond the limits you place on yourself -whether or not you are aware of those limits. 

3)   Coaching helps you figure out “why”, not only why you want something, but why (and how) you might be self-sabotaging, procrastinating, avoiding, or confirming a limiting belief. 

4)   Coaching can help catapult your confidence, momentum and income. It also helps you move beyond your comfort zone. 

5)   Coaching helps you see patterns not serving you – and helps you create new patterns and habits as well as helps keep you accountable to you! 

6)   Coaching requires you to challenge your own, personal B.S. (it’s okay, we’ve all got it)

7)   Coaching is going to help you step beyond where you are and move toward where you want to be- in life and business etc.  

8)   Coaching, as one of my clients says, “is a swift kick in the pants, but with love and support and gets you to move forward.”

If you’ve been considering working with a coach, check out my Questions You Should Ask When Considering Working With A Coach. 

You can learn more about my Self-Paced “Bust Your B.S.” Coaching Course here and/or learn more about all of my coaching offerings as well as the energy work I do here. XO,

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