Simply saying the word “sales” can get you a myriad of responses – anything from a show-stopping gasp to a conversation about how much people hates sales and sales-y people. Be honest, when you hear the word “sales”, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s greed or maybe it’s the stereotypical image of a used car salesman that pops into your mind.

 I’ve seen all over social media recently comments about how it’s “insensitive” to be selling things right now given the COVID-19 pandemic. But now is the time to STEP IT UP and SELL! Especially if you are someone who values being of service and works (or aspires to work) from a place of being abundant and of-service.  

 Not only do you have the opportunity to sell right now, I’d also argue that you have an obligation to do so and to do so now. People need what you do and what you offer. People need the service(s) you provide and the knowledge/gifts you have to share.

 Let’s face it, we all know that salesperson…the pushy A-hole who is slimy to the core. The one that ruins the idea of sales for the whole group. While there are some people who behave in that manner, that is not what sales is. Sales is not “taking advantage of”. Sales is not opportunistic.

 #TRUTH BOMB-– if you are someone who provides a service, and/or values being of service to others– YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO LOVE SALES! And why wouldn’t you? Contrary to how sales and the idea of selling has been portrayed in the media and in our social stories, sales is actually awesome!

 *Sales is an open invitation- an opportunity for clients to benefit from the work you do and the skills and knowledge you have to offer. 

*Sales is the necessary tool that allows you to share your gifts and allows you to do so from a supported and empowered place. 

*Sales allows those you are meant to serve the opportunity to actively ‘buy in’ to their own journey/growth/recovery/development. 

*Without sales, you can’t be of service to your best ability. Without sales, you deprive your clients the experience of taking ownership of their own journey.

 My mentor once shared this with me:  

You can never be broke enough to help people out of poverty, you can never be sick enough to help people get well. Only from a place of empowerment can you help to empower others.

If you don’t change your mindset around sales, and the idea of “selling”, you are not only minimizing yourself but also those who need you in this world. Those who need you and what you do right now.

 Still thinking you hate sales and all sales stands for?

 Hear me out…

 1) Sales is the tool that lets you do what you do (i.e. Sales helps you help others).  If you work as a service provider (anything from a therapist/counselor to a coach, trainer, spiritual guide, energy worker, healer, helper, massage therapist, stylist etc.) you are offering something that benefits your clients. You have knowledge, skills and/or a service to share. What you do is important. Without “selling” you wouldn’t have clients and without clients, no one is getting the benefit of your gifts! Without sales, you aren’t allowing yourself to be supported so that you can share those gifts to the best of your ability.

 2) Sales is nothing more than an invitation to work together / support each other. People need you/your gifts – sales allows things to be mutually beneficial – your clients benefit and you are afforded the ability to continue to share your gifts with the world (win/win). Without sales, there is no invitation for connection or opportunity to work together.

 3) Sales is only ‘icky’ if you are ‘icky’. Let’s face it, some people are slimy. It’s the world we live in. Luckily, those aren’t the people I attract. If you truly desire to help people/ desire to share your gifts– offering the opportunity to work with you (also known as sales) is coming from a place of being of service. This is not opportunistic or slimy. This is what the world needs. It needs you to step into your truth, power, desire to be of-service and for you to share your gifts to empower yourself + those you work with.

 4) Selling is easy. Quite possibly the hardest pill for folks to swallow. People think sales is hard or undesirable or stressful—but when you approach it from a place of connection, alignment and empowerment, sales is nothing more than an open invitation to work together, see #1. P.S. Your mindset about sales is important.   

 5) Sales is essential.  

 All over my social media pages this month, I’m talking about #AbundantApril.  Everything from sales, money mindset to getting clear on & shifting old beliefs PLUS how to step into an empowered and supportive role at this exact time – yes even in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.  

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 And stay tuned- in the next blog, I’ll be talking about bringing #feminineenergy into your sales ( and business). 

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