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Ignite Group Coaching Program

Ready to create your dream business + life while making a difference in this world?

“Cassie was what I needed to build a multi 6-figure business!”

“I highly recommend working with Cassie. She helped me raise my rates in my therapy practice. Her blend of positive energy, quick wit, effective strategies and targeted challenges was exactly what I needed to build a multi 6-figure business!”

– M. Miller, Ph.D

I know what you’re going through

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You get a knot in your stomach when you think about selling or marketing yourself and your business.

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You truly desire to help and support others but feel “guilty” for charging for the work you do (and can’t even think about navigating a rates increase conversation)

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You help support others but are stressed / struggling to make ends meet

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You’ve worked yourself to burnout and exhaustion

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You can’t figure out how to both be abundant AND have the life + business you desire while also being a “helper”

It’s time for a better way

As a coach, I’ve worked with numerous big-hearted helpers on all things from clarity to charging, to sales and marketing, and even business boundaries

I empower them to authentically share their gifts without falling into the traps of self-sacrifice, overwhelm or martyrdom.

In order to be the best person I can be, to touch the lives of the people I am
meant to touch and to make the world a better place, I first have to be abundant in all the way – AND SO DO YOU!

Join my group coaching sessions
Deep Down...


(And create actual, positive change for your clients!) 

That’s why you’re absolutely ready to

How to organize group coaching sessions


The 6-Week Group Coaching Program to Create a Sustainable & Abundant Heart-Centered Business

Unleash your potential, transform your stories, and master the blueprint for an impactful businesses specifically tailored for
helpers and service providers like you!

Program Overview
How to gain clarity

week 1

Intro, Clarity & Permission

Gain clarity on your vision, dreams and desires PLUS give yourself full permission to fully embrace your next steps!

We get into the nitty gritty of how you want your business to support the life you desire to create with the Dream Sync Planner.

week 2

Stories (Money, Business, Self & More)

Take a deep dive into your personal limiting stories and beliefs and how they show up for you in areas of money, business, self and more!

Plus learn about identifying rates that are aligned with you and your service + how to navigate a rates conversation with your clients.

Gain clarity on your vision, dreams and desires PLUS give yourself full permission to fully embrace your next steps!

Restructure your money management system
Initial value and rate of change

week 3

Value and Change

Gain a new perspective on the value and change you offer to those you work with and how to articulate those messages effectively.

Identify not just what you work with, but what you “Do” for your clients and the extended impact it makes.

week 4

Sales & Objections

Take the “ick” out of sales.

Become confident and authentic in your conversations with your ideal clients.

Plus, learn how to confidently navigate consult calls with prospective clients and tackle Sales Strategies specifically designed for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs.

Get better at sales and client calls
How to achieve business growth

week 5

Impact, Growth and More

Learn how to prioritize yourself and your business so that your clients get the BEST from you!

week 6

Wrap up, Wins and Action Plans

Effortlessly integrate all your newfound knowledge into your daily routine for immediate impact.

Establish a sustainable momentum by developing practical and realistic action steps that align with your aspirations.

Wrap up your journey equipped with the tools to turn your newfound insights into lasting success and continuous growth.

Example action plan for goal setting
It’s time you stepped beyond limiting thinking into abundance!

Ready to Ignite Your Business/Practice + Yourself/Your Life?

Here’s EVERYTHING you get when you join...
How to organize group coaching sessions
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Custom Coaching Course Workbook ($199)

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Weekly Module Lessons ($656)

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Weekly Live Coaching Calls ($1125)

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Pre- & Post-Course 1:1 Coaching Calls ($370)

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Bonus: 3 Guided Group EFT Tapping Sessions ($297)

$2,647 VALUE

ENROLL NOW TO claim your spot – only 12 spots left!

Pay In Full


One Payment of $775

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*Further payment plans available upon request

“The single best group I’ve ever been a part of.”

“The whole thing was exactly what I needed- from the deep dive into money stuff and challenging my own bs- to no longer believing sales sucked- whoa! I now know I can share my gifts, help others in their healing and growth AND be part of the equation!”

– Janya Z.


Once you register for the course, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will include all the information you’ll need to schedule your pre-course 1:1 coaching call + all the info to access the course. For each of the 6 weeks, there will be a live meeting (via zoom) that coordinates with the course workbook. We’ll also have live weekly calls for the duration of the program.


Deep breath and no stress. you’ll have access to a recording link.


No worries, I’ve got you. If you have any issues accessing the course etc. simply email cassie(at)

You’ll have lifetime access to the course materials.

Nope. This course is for those who both have a practice/business and those who are planning to start one or those who are still in the dreaming phase. Because the course is small and intentionally designed, it will meet you wherever you are at!

cassie’s story

Why I created this program...

Growing up on a small family farm in Montana, I learned a lot of great things…like how to drive a stick shift (fun fact, I learned to drive at 7), how to fix most things in my house, the skill of improvising and how to survive a worst-case scenario.

Seriously though, if the zombie apocalypse happens, you want me on your side.

But, I also learned some not so helpful lessons + stories + beliefs–and maybe you’ve heard these too:

Coaching program for mental health counselors
Change starts with you

As you can imagine, stories + beliefs like these are less than helpful – especially if you are a heart-centered provider who desires and dedicates your work to helping others.

Why? Because they keep you small and they keep the impact you can make contained.

When you are supported in- and by- the work that you do, you are able to provide the highest quality of care and support and make the biggest possible positive impact…that ripples out. But it starts with YOU.

With Ignite, you are supported and guided as you confidently increase your income, become more confident in yourself, your business/practice and the work you do.

My Coaching Promise

I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative potential and power coaching offers. In the event that after 14 days of the start of the program, you and coaching isn’t meeting your expectations, your full investment is refunded.

“This changed my life & my business!”

“The deep dive around money made me realize that I was setting myself up for failure in life and my business! Since doing this with Cassie, I have raised my rates, grown my business, and have stepped beyond my previous lack / fear based thinking and self made limitations.”

– Claire S.

It’s time for you to...
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Be comfortable charging for your services

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Increase your abundance so you continue to help others in an empowered way

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Let go of minimizing yourself and your work

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Say goodbye to overwhelm, overwork and burnout

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Feel comfortable and confident with the sales aspects of having a business

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Create an impact for the clients you work with while also being abundant

Ready to get clear, empowered and abundant so you can make a bigger impact?

ENROLL NOW TO claim your spot – only 12 spots left!

Pay In Full


One Payment of $775

Payment Plan


Two Payments of

*Further payment plans available upon request